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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set or 1 Bag
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Week
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 days for samll order
  • TEMPERATUR: -30~+100°C
  • SPEED: 1.5 m/s
  • MAX PRSSURE: 50 Mpa

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    VOLVO is one of the most famous construction equipment manufacturers in the world. Volvo equipment has Electric Machines, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Articulated Haulers, Rigid Haulers, Asphalt Pavers, and Compactors.

    JSPSEAL  is a hydraulic seal manufacturer in China. The hydraulic cylinder seals are replaced in many famous brands of equipment, such as VOLVO Excavators and Wheel Loaders.


    Volvo piston rings have 2 pieces of piston rings, 4 pieces of piston rings, and 5 pieces of piston rings. All of the different piston ring types have different materials.

    In Volvo, Excavators have 2 pieces of piston rings and 4 pieces of piston rings, like JSPO and JSPGW.  In Volvo, Loaders have 5 pieces of piston rings, like JSPDAS.

    JSPSEAL also supplies the hydraulic seals according to the OEM part number and size. We have nearly 20 years of experience and have 1000+ OEM seals.


    This four-piece double-acting piston seal contains an NBR, PTFE(Teflon) with a Bronze ring. It also includes two split rectangular rings.
    JPSGW design has high-pressure capabilities and is suitable for both roller-burnished and honed tubing.


    ptfe piston seal SPGW


    JSP-VOE-1100010760 X 125JSP-VOE-11997226105 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1137005550 X 100JSP-VOE-1199722750 X 70
    JSP-VOE-1137075065 X 125JSP-VOE-1199857470 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1137077350 X 110JSP-VOE-11998575100 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1137082650 X 100JSP-VOE-1199880980 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1170015170 X 120JSP-VOE-1199881070 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1170017690 X 160JSP-VOE-1199936225 X 45
    JSP-VOE-1170018780 X 150JSP-VOE-1199988732 X 70
    JSP-VOE-11701531120 X 250JSP-VOE-11999892110 X 230
    JSP-VOE-1170231132 X 70JSP-VOE-1199989390 X 190
    JSP-VOE-11702744105 X 150JSP-VOE-1199989480 X 160
    JSP-VOE-11702757125 X 170JSP-VOE-1199989570 X 130
    JSP-VOE-11703474100 X 150JSP-VOE-1199990650 X 80
    JSP-VOE-1170368950 X 100JSP-VOE-1199990740 X 70
    JSP-VOE-11703860120 X 260JSP-VOE-1451058880 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1170424760 X 125JSP-VOE-14512955105 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1170424860 X 125JSP-VOE-14512961100 X 145
    JSP-VOE-1170424960 X 110JSP-VOE-14512968105 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1170425070 X 140JSP-VOE-1451371495 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1170425150 X 100JSP-VOE-14513715105 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1170425250 X 110JSP-VOE-14513716105 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1170425340 X 80JSP-VOE-14513726110 X 165
    JSP-VOE-1170425432 X 63JSP-VOE-14513727130 X 190
    JSP-VOE-1170468980 X 150JSP-VOE-1451445490 X 130
    JSP-VOE-1170508716 X 32JSP-VOE-1451445590 X 135
    JSP-VOE-1170581495 X 140JSP-VOE-14514456105 X 160
    JSP-VOE-11705815105 X 150JSP-VOE-14514457100 X 140
    JSP-VOE-11705818110 X 160JSP-VOE-1451505180 X 125
    JSP-VOE-1170588290 X 190JSP-VOE-1451505295 X 135
    JSP-VOE-1170702370 X 130JSP-VOE-1451505380 X 120
    JSP-VOE-1170702480 X 180JSP-VOE-1451693270 X 105
    JSP-VOE-1170702590 X 170JSP-VOE-1451693370 X 110
    JSP-VOE-1170702690 X 190JSP-VOE-1451693490 X 160
    JSP-VOE-11707027120 X 260JSP-VOE-1451700190 X 130
    JSP-VOE-1170702890 X 190JSP-VOE-14519359110 X 170
    JSP-VOE-11707029110 X 230JSP-VOE-1451950375 X 115
    JSP-VOE-11707030120 X 250JSP-VOE-1451950475 X 105
    JSP-VOE-11707031120 X 260JSP-VOE-1451950580 X 120
    JSP-VOE-1170744790 X 170JSP-VOE-1451962495 X 140
    JSP-VOE-11707451120 X 250JSP-VOE-1452042060 X 105
    JSP-VOE-1170790270 X 125JSP-VOE-1452476655 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1170790390 X 190JSP-VOE-1452476755 X 85
    JSP-VOE-11707904120 X 230JSP-VOE-1452476850 X 75
    JSP-VOE-11707905110 X 200JSP-VOE-1452476945 X 85
    JSP-VOE-1170873490 X 150JSP-VOE-1453071660 X 90
    JSP-VOE-1170882580 X 150JSP-VOE-1453071795 X 130
    JSP-VOE-11708833110 X 220JSP-VOE-1453071855 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1170901890 X 160JSP-VOE-1453071955 X 80
    JSP-VOE-1170901990 X 180JSP-VOE-1453083370 X 105
    JSP-VOE-11709025120 X 250JSP-VOE-1453427195  X 190
    JSP-VOE-11709026110 X 230JSP-VOE-1454171795 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1170902850 X 100JSP-VOE-1454731070 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1170902950 X 90JSP-VOE-1455109870 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1170911116 X 32JSP-VOE-1455324275 X 105
    JSP-VOE-1170922690 X 170JSP-VOE-14573751110 X 165
    JSP-VOE-1170924960 X 100JSP-VOE-1458912390 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1170938490 X 160JSP-VOE-1458912480 X 120
    JSP-VOE-1170952865 X 120JSP-VOE-1458912570 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1170953840 X 70JSP-VOE-1458912695 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1170954360 X 120JSP-VOE-1458912775 X 115
    JSP-VOE-1170954760 X 90JSP-VOE-1458912875 X 105
    JSP-VOE-1170961750 X 85JSP-VOE-1458912980 X 125
    JSP-VOE-1170962460 X 110JSP-VOE-14589130105 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1170963250 X 70JSP-VOE-1458913195 X 135
    JSP-VOE-1170967750 X 95JSP-VOE-1458913280 X 120
    JSP-VOE-1170981750 X 80JSP-VOE-1458913390 X 130
    JSP-VOE-1170982132 X 50JSP-VOE-1458913490 X 135
    JSP-VOE-1170982970 X 120JSP-VOE-14589135100 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1170983290 X 180JSP-VOE-1458913695 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1170986880 X 150JSP-VOE-14589137110 X 170
    JSP-VOE-1170987245 X 70JSP-VOE-14589138105 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1170989838 X 63JSP-VOE-14589139105 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1170991340 X 70JSP-VOE-14589140115 X 175
    JSP-VOE-1170996590 X 160JSP-VOE-14589141100 X 145
    JSP-VOE-1170999870 X 110JSP-VOE-14589142105 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1171060616 X 40JSP-VOE-14589143110 X 165
    JSP-VOE-1171094850 X 95JSP-VOE-14589144130 X 190
    JSP-VOE-1171194590 X 150JSP-VOE-14589145110 X 165
    JSP-VOE-11712156120 X 230JSP-VOE-1458914680 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1171238760 X 100JSP-VOE-1458914860 X 110
    JSP-VOE-1171238870 X 120JSP-VOE-1458915050 X 80
    JSP-VOE-1171245055 X 85JSP-VOE-1458915355 X 90
    JSP-VOE-1171245565 X 115JSP-VOE-1458915460 X 105
    JSP-VOE-1171252336 X 63JSP-VOE-1458915895 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1171274650 X 80JSP-VOE-14589159105 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1171274960 X 105JSP-VOE-1458916450 X 75
    JSP-VOE-1171456160 X 100JSP-VOE-1458919995 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1171529555 X 95JSP-VOE-1459734935 X 65
    JSP-VOE-1171586470 X 120JSP-VOE-14599293130  X 200
    JSP-VOE-1171586570 X 125JSP-VOE-14612137125  X 190
    JSP-VOE-1171604770 X 110JSP-VOE-14612138150  X 215
    JSP-VOE-1171662536 X 65JSP-VOE-14612139130  X 190
    JSP-VOE-1171672038 X 63JSP-VOE-14612140140  X 200
    JSP-VOE-1198817935 X 60JSP-VOE-14618212125  X 190
    JSP-VOE-1198818035 X 60JSP-VOE-14618213150  X 215
    JSP-VOE-1198818135 X 63JSP-VOE-14618214130  X 190
    JSP-VOE-1198818335 X 63JSP-VOE-14618215140  X 200
    JSP-VOE-1198818440 X 70JSP-VOE-15010254110 X 200
    JSP-VOE-1198820980 X 125JSP-VOE-15011881120 X 260
    JSP-VOE-1198836050 X 90JSP-VOE-1501290370 X 125
    JSP-VOE-1198836145 X 80JSP-VOE-1507835250 X 90
    JSP-VOE-1198896350 X 80JSP-VOE-1516223570 X 110
    JSP-VOE-1198898350 X 90JSP-VOE-1516223790 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1199002660 X 120JSP-VOE-1517328265 X 120
    JSP-VOE-1199002770 X 125JSP-VOE-1517459840 X 63
    JSP-VOE-1199002860 X 110JSP-VOE-1523885050 X 75
    JSP-VOE-1199002970 X 140JSP-VOE-1701665-970 X 110
    JSP-VOE-1199005050 X 80JSP-VOE-1720020840 X 80
    JSP-VOE-1199006020  Rod KitJSP-VOE-1720794590  X 115
    JSP-VOE-1199007070 X 110JSP-VOE-1720794590 X 115
    JSP-VOE-1199010640 X 80JSP-VOE-17238353120 X 250
    JSP-VOE-1199015880 X 160JSP-VOE-1723840690 X 190
    JSP-VOE-1199017525  Rod KitJSP-VOE-17238415120 X 240
    JSP-VOE-1199018050 X 100JSP-VOE-1723841790 X 180
    JSP-VOE-1199018160 X 100JSP-VOE-1725341380 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1199024345 X 80JSP-VOE-17253420110 X 210
    JSP-VOE-1199024450 X 90JSP-VOE-1725374670 X 120
    JSP-VOE-1199034750 X 90JSP-VOE-17253752110 X 140
    JSP-VOE-11990348120 X 250JSP-VOE-1725380570 X 140
    JSP-VOE-1199034990 X 170JSP-VOE-17253817110 X 220
    JSP-VOE-11990395120 X 260JSP-VOE-1725401260 X 100
    JSP-VOE-1199039690 X 190JSP-VOE-1725406350 X 80
    JSP-VOE-1199039850 X 100JSP-VOE-1726452090 X 160
    JSP-VOE-1199040470 X 140JSP-VOE-17264860110 X 220
    JSP-VOE-1199040560 X 125JSP-VOE-17265005110 X 190
    JSP-VOE-1199043770 X 125JSP-VOE-17265044120 X 220
    JSP-VOE-1199043860 X 90JSP-VOE-1740941280 X 150
    JSP-VOE-1199043940 X 63
    JSP-VOE-1199722580 X 125

    Products Show


    Hight Quality Seals


    Replacement OEM Seals

    seal kit

    Factory Direct Sales

    Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Components

    Rod Seals NOK/SKF/H605Urethane (TPU)Ivory/Blue/Gray
    Buffer SealsJSPSEALUrethane+PA or PTFE Bronze+NBRIvory/Purple
    WipersJSPSEALUrethane+Metal or NBR+MetalIvory/Black
    Piston SealsJSPSEALPTFE Bronze+NBR+PA OR Nylon+NBRBrown/Green/Gold
    Wear RingsJSPSEALPhenolic Resion Cotton Fabric or PTFE BronzeBrown/Blue/Yellow
    Backup RingsJSPSEALPA or PTFE or PTFE BronzeBlack/White/Brown
    O-RingsJSPSEALNBR (Hardness 90 Shore A)Black

    Why choose JSPSEAL seal kit

    1.Experience. We have been selling in the aftermarket for nearly 20 years, we know more about what kind of seal kits the machine needs under bad work conditions.

    2.The accuracy of the dimensions.The same part number as the OEM, easy to query and purchase.

    3.Price.  We can beat all OEM parts in value, while as stated above the qulity of the parts will remain the same.

    4.Lead Times.  JSPSEAL products have been exported for more than 10 years, and our extensive export experience can help you solve various transportation problems. We can ensure fast and efficient lead times across all JSPSEAL Parts.

    How to find seal kit part number ?

    To find the exact part for your machine, the best way to do it is to fin out the part number you need, and then search it in our search bar on our homepage, .  This will show you the right part for what you need, and you can order quickly without fuss.

    However, if you can't find the part you need please contact us and we will source it for you.

    Our Services

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    OEM part number

    We can help you find OEM part number



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  • What are JSPSEAL Hydraulic Seal made from?

    Hydraulic seals can be made from a variety of materials such as polyurethane, rubber or PTFE ect. The type of material is determined by the specific operating conditions or limits due to seal type, pressure, fluid chemical compatibility, speed, surface roguhness, Radial load, Hydraulic shock, or temperature.


    Material Characteristics

    NBR-45°C to +140°CMineral oil baed, hydraulic fluids,biological degradable oils water0.525
    FKM-20°C to +200°CMineral oil baed0.525
    PU-30°C to +100°CMineral oil baed, hydraulic fluids0.835
    TPE-40°C to +110°CMineral oil baed0.8
    POM-45°C to +120°CMineral oil baed0.8
    PA-45°C to +120°CMineral oil baed1.0
    PTFE-55°C to +200°CMineral oil baed,biological degradable oils water1540
    PHENOLIC RESIN COTTON FABRIC-50°C to +120°CMineral oil baed,biological degradable oils water1.0

     JSPSEAL aims at win-win situation with China customer.  We’re able to improve customer competitiveness with our product and service.


    Why Choose JSPSEAL Seal part?


    We have been selling in the aftermarket for nearly 20 years, we know more about what kind of seal the machine needs under bad work conditions. And precision molds ensure product size. Original imported raw materials ensure the mechanical properties of the products.


    JSPSEAL products have been exported for more than 10 years, and our extensive export experience can help you solve various transportation problems.we can ensure fast and efficient lead times across all JSPSEAL Parts.  

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