Construction machinery

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Construction machinery

Providing Critical Compaction Components Whether the hydraulic systems and cylinders of this equipment are used to control, lift heavy materials, or stabilize the equipment during operation, they impose limitations and specifications on operating parameters. As construction managers improve workplace efficiency to meet productivity demands and streamline operations, the level of demand for critical equipment and related seal components increases. Wipers, bearings, and barrier components of reliable hydraulic systems are essential to keeping hydraulic fluids clean and contained, thereby protecting them from external contamination.

Typical applications in construction applications

Typical Applications


Heavy duty mechanical handling

Road paving equipment


Heavy duty off-road vehicles


Cranes and lifting platforms

Heavy duty tippers/telescopics

Skid steer loaders

Crawler dozers

Hydraulic swivels


Dump truck

Implements and attachments

Waste equipment


Light duty off-road vehicles

Wheeled excavators and loaders

Forklift trucks



Heavy duty earth moving machinery

Motor graders

Construction machinery
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There is a wide variety

There is a wide variety

JSPSEAL has about 10,000 products in stock, ranging in size from 10mm to 2100mm, and sells different brands of seals to meet the needs of different customers.

quality assurance

quality assurance

In a given situation, the right combination of materials is a key factor that can mean the difference between success and failure in installing a seal. Our full range of sealing products and components offer ongoing technical support in the field of material selection and development, as well as individual formulations that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Longer service life

Longer service life

We continuously test and analyze a variety of new materials to ensure the durability and operational efficiency of our products.

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