What are the hazards of hydraulic seal failure?

(1) Waste resources, pollute the environment, and leave hidden dangers

Hydraulic seals are divided into static seals and dynamic seals. The leakage is divided into inner cavity leakage and outer cavity leakage. External leakage refers to the leakage of the fluid working medium in the hydraulic sealing chamber from the hydraulic system. These leaked liquids will flow to the ground or objects, contaminating the workplace and affecting the cleanliness of the environment; while hydraulic oil is generally flammable, which is easy to leave a fire hazard, not only polluting the environment, but also being affected by dust or other factors pollution and can no longer be used.


(2) Reduce the influence of pressure output force

One of the greatest advantages of a hydro-mechanical device is that it can generate more force or torque than any other device that occupies the same volume and material, mainly because the pressure it transmits does not decay. However, due to the drop pressure and pressure fluctuation caused by leakage, it will reduce the output force or torque, which will greatly affect the working ability of hydraulic machinery and equipment, and even produce unexpected consequences and disasters. If the hydraulic machinery equipment is on land and cannot work due to serious leakage, depressurization or loss of pressure, it may not be able to shut down alone, resulting in production suspension, the process cannot be carried out, and the losses caused can be imagined.

(3) Reduce the speed

Hydraulic system hydraulic actuators (such as oil cylinders, whose operating speed is proportional to the liquid flow rate), due to leakage, and reduce the rated working fluid, its hydraulic actuator output speed slows down, and then completes less work per unit time , it will greatly reduce the work efficiency, and in severe cases, because the execution output speed is too low, it may bring unpredictable consequences. If there is leakage in the hydraulic control system, it will affect the control speed and slow down the control effect. In a complex control program, because the control effect is not completed on time, the control program will be chaotic in severe cases, and the result is likely to cause irreparable errors and adverse consequences.


(4) May cause harm to people and affect safety

When the pressure of the hydraulic system is P=30Mpa or higher, especially under ultra-high pressure, if there is leakage from micro-holes or micro-gap, there will be high-speed injection. If the micro holes or crevices are close enough, the jets can shoot at everyone’s bodies like bullets or knives, causing serious injury. If an object is hit by a high-velocity liquid column, it can also be damaged. Objectively it is like a high pressure jet cutting an object. This kind of micro-hole, micro-gap is easy to occur in the welding seam welding or welding is not dense, loose part or cracked part, thread and other joints, because of long-term high pressure or alternating load, shock load, sudden micro-hole, micro gap, high speed The jet is injected suddenly. Therefore, special attention should be paid to high pressure, especially the leakage of micro-holes and micro-gap of ultra-high pressure hydraulic machinery equipment.

Post time: May-17-2022

Post time: 05-17-2022
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