What aspects should be paid attention to during the installation and use of piston seals?

Due to the long-term reciprocating motion of the cylinder piston, the reciprocating piston seal should be selected to require wear resistance and oil corrosion resistance, and the hardness should preferably be around 85°. Worry-free (mf5u.com) to share:

1. Installation precautions

The assembly method of the oil cylinder has a great influence on the sealing performance of the seal, please pay attention to the following matters

1. Thoroughly remove various impurities from the cylinder block and pipeline.

2. When the seal is taken from the warehouse, the seal with sand, dust, etc. cannot be used, otherwise it will cause leakage.

3. Apply a little hydraulic oil (same oil as the machine itself) on the seal gland, the surface of the piston rod and the inner surface of the cylinder, and then assemble the cylinder.

4. Add a cover to the lip of the seal so that it does not come into direct contact with the threads and steps.

5. If necessary, make the lip of the seal pass directly through the hydraulic hole, and use a plastic round rod to gently push the lip, so as to prevent the chamfering of the hole from damaging the lip, and the holes drilled on the oil cylinder should be chamfered.


2. Storage Precautions

When storing seals, please note the following:

1. Do not open the seal package unless necessary, otherwise the dust will stick to the seal or scratch the seal.

2. Store in a cool place, do not place in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light and moisture can accelerate deterioration and dimensional changes in rubber and plastics.

3. When storing unpackaged products, be careful not to stick or pack impurities, and store them in their original state. Nylon is sealed tightly to prevent dimensional changes caused by moisture.

4. Do not place seals near heat sources, such as boilers, furnaces, etc. Heat will accelerate the aging of seals.

5. Do not place the seal near the motor and where ozone is generated.

6. Do not hang the seal with needles, iron wires or ropes, otherwise, the seal will be deformed and the lip will be damaged.

7. Sometimes, the surface of the seal has a color change or white powder (blooming phenomenon), which will not affect the performance of the seal.

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