Several Factors That Affect Sealing Performance—Fluids

Hydraulic cylinder normally use mineral-base oils or biodegradable, environmentally friendly ones. The features seach fluid type are usually weighed by the manufacture and the end user, depending on the specific needs. Such as : mineral-oil based fluids, fire resistance fluids, environmentally friendly fluids, special fluids etc.

Importance note:

Esides following the advice recommended by manufacture to choose the operating media, It is also very important to keep the operating media clean. The aging  or pollution of the oil could not only cause some elements of the system to breal down, but also speedup aging and damage of the sealing system. Moreover, the dirty stuff caused by aging or pollutiong would even scratch the seal and casue sealing failure. Furthermore, the residual air in the oil will be heated after high-pressured compression in the cylinder should run slowly for a few minutes under low pressure environment to confirm. There is no air left in the oil, then start normal working.

Post time: Oct-09-2019