Seals Technical Overview

Hydraulic cylinder is a liner actuator, which converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to push the load into linear motion. Accodring to the function and application of the cylinder, it can be divided into two tyoes: single action cylinder and double acting cylinder.

A large number of seals ar used in hydraulic cylinder. IN various reciprocating applications, the requirements of various seals are becoming more and more strict to ensure the perfect sealing solution.

Seals shall primarily withstand operating pressures, temperatures and speeds and offer compatibility with given fluids.

Moreover they shall feature good rear resistance properties. In order to ensure long service life. Therefore they shall offer elasticity, compressive stength wear resistance, hardness and chemical compatibility with fluuids.

In order to meet the above requiewments, it is necessary to consider comprehensively the influence of various factors on the hydrayluc system, from the initial material selection of the seal to the seal form, seal lip design, production process stability o management, quality control and assurance. Finally excellent seals were rpduced.

Post time: Jul-03-2019