Importance of Hydraulic Wear Rings

What is hydraulic cylinder wear rings?
The function of a hydraulic wear ring is to guide the piston and piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces. At the same time, it prevents metal-to-metal contact, optimizing the performance of the sealing system.
Hydraulic Wear Rings how to working
The main function is to guide the piston to move in a straight line to prevent internal leakage caused by the deviation of the piston caused by uneven force and reduce the service life of the seal.
Advantages of Hydraulic Wear Rings?
Avoid direct contact between metal parts.
Dimensional stable and vibration absorbing.
Self lubricating, good sliding and fry ruining properties.
High wear resistance ensure long service life.
Resistance to most fluids and chemicals.
High load capability
Simple closed groove, easy installation.
Low service costs.
Types of Hydraulic Wear Rings
According to the materials hydraulic wear rings have phenolic resin with cotton fabric , nylon filled in glass fiber and teflon filled in bronze.
But with the increasing tonnage of the excavator machine, the wear rings of these materials simply cannot meet the technical requirements.
 The new JSPTPI wear ring is a high-end product developed for heavy-duty, high-frequency hydraulic guides, and is also suitable for all hydraulic guide rings.
The opening clearance of TPI is designed separately for different cylinder bores, which improves the pressure relief effect of different cylinder bores and different pressures. TPI wear ring material itself has excellent lubricating performance, and by adding oil guide grooves on the surface of the product, the friction between the wear ring and the cylinder wall can be more effectively reduced, effectively solving the problems such as jitters, crawling and abnormal noise during the movement process.
Compared with ordinary phenolic resin wear rings, the biggest advantage of TPI is heat resistance. Ordinary phenolic resin wear rings can withstand temperatures around 120°C for a long time, while TPI can withstand temperatures of 230-240°C for a long time, which can fully cope with heavy loads. The instantaneous high temperature generated during the movement of the oil cylinder prolongs the service life of the sealing system.
Where to buy hydraulic wear rings?
Hydraulic Wear ring is one of JSP's best-selling products, available in metric and inch sizes. It can be produced according to customer specifications or according to OEM part numbers.
JSPTPI wear ring is a high-end wear ring, generally only used in the OEM market. If you need it, we will try our best to provide you with product support.


Post time: Jan-21-2022